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How to Shop for an Accent Chest

Personal style differs from one human to another, so mass-produced pieces that all look the same don't always appeal to everyone. However, the versatile nature of accent chests means that they come in a stunning array of looks and variations. Whether you like a more relaxed, beachy feel, or a very traditional, ornate elegance, there's an accent chest for you and your home.


Accent chests come in a variety of styles and silhouettes, which allows you to create a space that is more reflective of your personality. Some are more storage-oriented, and some are more decorative-some are rich with curves, and others are classically angular. Most chests are a variation on traditional construction, but there are two specific kinds of accents chests that need to be defined.

Bombe Chest

Bombe Chest[...]

One of the most recognizable accent chest styles, the bombe chest is known for its bowed silhouette. The lines of the profile swell outward in order to give the piece a curvy appearance.[–]

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Hall Chest

Hall Chest[...]

Hall chests are much like any other accent chest, but they are specifically known for being narrower and smaller than traditional chests in order to fit into hallways and other slim spaces.[–]

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There are almost an endless array of designs when it comes to accent chests; that's part of why they're such unique, fun furnishings. By combining different finishes, patterns, colors, and textures, designers can create one-of-a-kind pieces. The only downfall is that you may have a hard time choosing just one!

Most of the methods for designing accent chests fall into one of these categories:

  • Traditional finish, or a paint or lacquer
  • Gold or Silver Leaf (the entire piece or just the trim)
  • Distressed (the actual wood, or the finish or paint)
  • Mirrored (the entire piece, or just certain surfaces)
  • Prints and patterns (like animal print or a lattice pattern)
  • Hand-painted designs or words
  • Texture (such as a faux-leather overlay)
  • Carved inlays and fretwork, or veneers
  • Hardware (like the size and intricacy of the door knob or drawer handle)
  • Number of doors or drawers (anywhere from 2 to 9 or 10)


The variety in style and size means that you can use your accent chest in a number of ways. What's great about this is that you can change around the arrangement and purpose of your accent chests according to your needs as they change over time.

Size: Accent chests come in a wide range of sizes, which can help you determine where and how you use it. A larger accent chest will work very well as a media chest or console in your living room. Smaller accent chests double as nightstands or end tables, giving your space a pop of color and texture without overwhelming it. Either way, you get a very practical use out of your accent chest, and you get to show off your personal style while you're at it.

Many people also use an accent chest in an entryway or a hallway to break up the empty space and provide an area to display and store objects. Your choice in accent chest can say a lot about your home and your personality, especially when it's one of the first pieces that people see upon entering your house.

Even if you don't have an exact purpose for your accent chest, it's okay. They got their name because they're supposed to accent your space. If you have any open space in your home, an accent chest is a great way to fill it because it provides eye-catching variety to your space, as well as the storage that you need.

Things to Remember

Always keep in mind that you're supposed to have fun with your accent chest. You want it to fit into the general furniture style that you've established, but this is also an opportunity to use your furniture as a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. If you need more help with defining that look, check out our furniture style guide for clarification.

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