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Hospitality Rattan

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Since 2000, Hospitality Rattan has been designing and distributing contract quality rattan, wicker, and bamboo furnishings. A variety of indoor and outdoor collections derived from the best possible materials is available for the furniture buyer who wants that tropical feel. There high-quality outdoor furniture is constructed of all aluminum frames woven with Viro or Rehau synthetic wicker fiber that will not fade or rust when subjected to the elements. Choices of fabric options are available for the indoor upholstered collections to the Sunbrella brand outdoor fabric for the patio collections.

Hospitality Rattan is continually looking for ways to limit their impact on the environment and always try to use the most environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques and materials possible. They manufacture the highest quality furniture following sound and responsible environmental policies with minimum impact on natural resources.

Hospitality Rattan has produced furniture for over two decades now. After years of changes and improvements made to its products, rattan has always been the main component of their products, particularly in chairs. The rattan itself, comes from vines located in the most southern part of the forests in the Philippines. These vines are harvested upon maturation and a part of the vine remains after harvest to ensure that future growth is continuous and abundant. Suppliers of these rattan vines who ship the materials to Cebu are reliable and trusted. The harvested rattan poles also provide ample amounts of by-products like peels and wicker strips used for sub-processes. These rattan components are 100% biodegradable.

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