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Bernhardt Furniture

Bernhardt Furniture was founded over 125 years ago by John M. Bernhardt. Orphaned by age 13, John Bernhardt traveled to Oregon to become a surveyor. He returned home 3 years later to pursue a career in logging and timber. He purchased a sawmill and noticed an opportunity to use timber in the construction of oak furniture. His company became immensely popular in urban centers like Chicago and New York. As the business grew, Bernhardt expanded to dining and living room furniture.
Until the 1980's, the company was vertically integrated owning mills, lumber yards and kilns. In order to diversify Bernhardt began sourcing globally and currently has offices in four Asian countries. The company still has a significant manufacturing operation in North Carolina with 12 facilities and 1500 employees. Bernhardt is an upper end furniture manufacturer with a rich history. They are known for the emphasis they place on design and innovation and are one of the most popular brands on FurnitureCrate. From their entertainment walls to their ornate bookcases we rate their Design, Construction and Materials all as 'best', the highest rating we give!

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